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August, 2019








Dear Valued Philips Supplier:


You have been identified as a Philips supplier and as such, we would like to communicate the required criteria to ensure that your invoices are processed in the most efficient manner possible. To ensure we are able to process your invoices in this manner, we are providing you with our update vendor invoice submission and content requirements below. When these requirements are followed it will allow Philips to meet our commit to pay your invoice without any delays.


INVOICE SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS (Use one of the following options)



1. Email original invoices to


Note the following rules for email submissions:

a.       Email subject should contain Company Code found on Purchase Order documentation (as of September  2019 please use company code AR13), Vendor name and invoice #

b.       TIF or PDF document formats only

c.       One invoice per PDF or TIF image.

d.       One PDF or TIF image per email. PDF or TIF file size no greater than 2 GB. LZW compression is not supported for TIF files.

e.       300dpi or higher quality preferred

f.        Standard Windows fonts

g.       No cover sheets

h.       No Passwords or other secure forms of email accepted

i.         No return receipt requests or Zipped files

j.         No colored paper or color scanner settings

k.       No shading on the invoice in key fields (invoice #, invoice date, Amount, Purchase Order #, etc)

l.         Invoice must be aligned, so none of the information has lines running through key fields (invoice #, invoice date, Amount, Purchase Order #, etc)

m.     No links, pop-ups, social media or other graphics in the body of the email

n.       Only original invoices should be emailed to the above email address.

o.       Invoices copies should NOT be resent to Philips unless requested by Philips or Infosys associate


2. Mail original invoice to the following billing address (this address must be on your invoice)


Philips Argentina S.A.

Vedia 3892  

1430 Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires




a.       Invoice Number

b.       Invoice date

c.       Purchase Order number.  The Philips 10 digit Purchase Order number must be on the invoice to ensure proper processing and avoid delays in payment.

d.       Vendor Tax ID or VAT ID#

e.       Subtotal (Less Freight and Tax)

f.        Tax (even if zero)

g.       Total (including Freight and Tax)

h.       Vendor Bank account information (ACH/EFT)


Invoices that do not follow the submission and/or invoice content requirements may be delayed in processing, and therefore risk of payment delay.





Do not send invoices to requestors.  Exceptions to this policy can be considered on a case-by-case basis.


Please review PDF enclosed that shows the process for receiving invoices with helpful examples of what to do and not to do related to best practices for supplier invoicing towards Philips.  


This improvement is a big step forward in our transformation, and we are very pleased that you are part of it.


In case of questions related to this change, please contact:


For inquiries about invoices, contact:                                           


For inquiries related to purchase orders, contact:                  








Beverly Cheung

Head of Procurement & PTP Hub Americas